Our team at Home Care Assistance has intensified our efforts to prepare and protect the health of our clients, caregivers and communities.

We are providing around-the-clock assistance to our client and our partners in compliance with the local Stay-at-Home order such as our new 24/7 Caregiver-Client Safer-at-Home services. All care teams have undergone refresher training on infectious disease and have been certified in COVID-19 precautions and prevention.  We continually refine our procedures to reflect the evolving landscape of our community through a new Enhanced Staffing Program, virtual availability for face to face communication, assessments, consultations and family communications.

Our Home Care Assistance teams are well-versed in universal precautions, fully aware and mindful about the strategies required to reduce the spread of coronavirus.  We all understand the vulnerability of our clients to the risks of COVID-19 and we are prepared to be the #1 referral source for Home Care in the Tennessee Valley.  We will continue to do whatever it takes to keep our community safe!

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